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The Council of Indian Australians offers the following memberships. “Have your say by becoming a proud member of the CIA.

1.0 Life Membership


  • If you are an individual, above 18 years of age, a person of Indian origin and a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Australia), you can become a life member.

2.0 Institutional Memberships


  • Any organization, with predominant membership of people of Indian origin and with life or annual membership strength of 25 or more and registered Association under the Incorporation Act of the NSW Department of Fair Trading is qualified to be an Institution Member of the CIA.

  • Every Institutional Member is eligible to send a minimum of one representative to the Electoral College of the Association, who are responsible for governing the CIA. The CIA Constitution provides for Proportional Representation where in Associations with membership between 25-100 members shall carry one member and for 101 and above membership shall carry two members to the Electoral College

3.0 Partner Program Memberships
  • The Association shall have partners whose assistance will be sought from time to time during year when both parties agree to such partnership arrangement. Organisations / Associations with less than 25 members also qualify to become Partner Program Membership status.

  • Please download the membership application form, complete the necessary details, and mail it to the Secretary, Council of Indian Australians Inc 29 Laughton Crescent, Kellyville NSW 2155 along with the membership fee as stated in the application form.

Membership Fees

Membership fee for any category can be paid by cheque or through direct bank transfer to CIA bank account:

Council of Indian Australians Inc
Westpac Banking Corporation
BSB: 032 289
Account Number: 42 66 22

For more information about membership benefits in each of the above category, please contact:
The Secretary
Council of Indian Australians Inc 
29 Laughton Crescent,
Kellyville NSW 2155

Apply for Membership

Please download and complete the pdf form below and then send it to


  • To promote social and cultural welfare of the people of Indian origin living in New South Wales, Australia.

  • To co-ordinate support and/or assistance for Indian Australian community.

  • To conduct celebrations and functions relevant to the Indian Australian community.

  • To support students and new Indian migrants to Australia.

  • To promote, conserve and advance Indian culture and improve the awareness of Indian culture within the Australian community

  • To subscribe to and to become a member of and co-operate with any other organisation or association whether incorporated or not, whose objectives are similar to those of the Association

  • To enter into any suitable arrangement with government or authority to achieve the objectives of the Association

  • To raise funds for charitable purposes for the Indian or Australian community living in Australia and Indian community living in India


  • We will work with high level of integrity and accountability following proper governance.

  • We will put community’s interests above our own interests.

  • We will follow and pass the test of “conflict of interest” principle in whatever we do.

  • We will never secure pecuniary benefits during our term and in particular will never take “commission” for our work.

  • We will be non-political and will not allow any political party to control us.

  • We will remain religion, region, and language neutral in the context of Indian Australian community.

  • We will keep the media and the community informed about our plans, activities and achievements and will be 100% transparent.

  • We will not allow people who have conflict of interests to be a part of our team.

  • We will represent the community appropriately and will enhance the reputation and image of the community.

  • We will work on changing the image of community leaders and perceptions about them.

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